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Continuously Improving, Twin Oaks Inn B&B, Saugatuck, Michigan

The innkeepers of Twin Oaks Inn Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck, Michigan are continuously improving their inn for their guests. Lisa and Sherry not only create breakfasts pleasing to the eye and stomach but also create an atmosphere that makes their guests feel pampered and welcome.

Recently they made more improvements to the grounds, first by removing the old shed from the backyard. You can see it was quite a process. Then they replaced the old fence and added new plants.

Removing an old shed at the Twin Oaks Inn Bed and Breakfast

Now their guests have an additional place to sit outside and enjoy the quiet of the day – a place to share a bottle of wine (they will provide the opener and glasses and nature will provide the backdrop) – a place to talk about what you did during the day – a place to enjoy your morning coffee (they will provide the morning coffee or tea).

I visited Saugatuck just last week and saw the new and improved area. I think it looks great. See for yourself.

The Twin Oaks Inn Bed and Breakfast has been improving its guest experience!

My primary reason for going to Saugatuck, besides to see my girls, was to talk with many of the local owners of the shops, restaurants and art galleries that are just steps from Twin Oaks Inn.

My blogs for the rest of the summer will contain up-to-date information on where to eat, buy that piece of art or pottery, where to buy beach attire or souvenir or fun-to-have kitchen gadget, bottle of wine or extra virgin olive oil or piece of fudge, and where to go for evening entertainment.

I had a great time and can’t wait to share with you all that I learned.


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